Saturday, July 28, 2012


I'm not usually super into the summer olympics, but I do LOVE the parade of nations for some reason! I know it's just hours of people walking and waving, but I love seeing so many countries and their parade of nations outfits, and even the little pop ups that tell you that country's population!  I especially loved the placard bearers with their giant back brace country names!

 I felt sorry for ones who only got to carry short country names, for some reason - I thought if it was me, I'd want a giant one that really took up some space!  I also liked their odd dresses with the volunteer's faces on them, and their shoes, which I still can't seem to get a good picture of!

 I felt bad because I fell asleep while we were only in the "N's" or something - I just couldn't make it!

I also love this website from NBC - it shows all the sports with tons of info!  Like, if I wanted to know how exactly the judges score something like "trampoline" (which is did not realize was an olympic sport!) then I can find it right here!

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kalyxcorn said...

finally! someone who loves those dresses as much as i do! :)