Friday, July 20, 2012

the downside of queues

I used to think the idea of a queue was fantastic - specifically when Ravelry came about (doesn't if feel like its always been about?)  It gave me a way of remembering all the stuff I want to make so that when I get around to it, I won't have forgotten anything.  Sometimes, like lately, I'm thinking that forgetting is probably bliss.  I feel like I have a queue of everything - whether it's a documented knitting queue, or yarns I want to try weaving up instead of knitting, or things to sew, or books to read!  It's all snowballing and I for some reason I can't just tell myself I've got a lifetime to get around to it, because it feels like I'm constantly behind!  just look at the lists!  it's obvious that I'm behind!  aaaaak!

I have so many sewing patterns that I've bought and intended to make that I've got doubles of some - I've looked at the pattern books so often I can't remember what I liked enough to buy the last time and which ones i didn't but should have!  Granted, I buy them when they're 99 cents usually, so I'm not going to go to the poorhouse over it, but still!  I have this quilt top that I made a year and a half ago - it's  still not a quilt.  I have this one that I made for someone - maybe it was intended for my next niece?  or my manager's new baby?  I can't even remember - but this is where it is now, pinned but not quilted.  does it look like it's next in line?  no, it's getting buried by other stuff in the queue!

Oh, and then I bought this whole design pack of mother goose embroidery patterns and started making them, think they'd make cool quilt blocks for a baby blanket.  and they will.  but add it to the list!

I bought 7 Norwegian crime novels on my Kindle and I'm on #2 - I read it for as many minutes as I can before I fall asleep at night.  On my Kindle Fire I have Taft, another Ann Patchette novel - because I've decided I need to read her entire backlist now.  I know words like "backlist" because I listen to the NY Times book review podcast while I'm sewing - you know, so I can add more books to the queue!  In addition to the electronic versions, I've got 3 books I borrowed from my uncle in a pile by the bed - one I'm halfway through, but three books got to be a bit much!  And then there's the bookshelf with all my other used book finds, and the co-worker who reads like a banshee and passes good ones on to me in a never ending stream - oh geez, I have one of hers in the pile by the bed too!  

Here's the thing, reading this post, I feel like I'm so busy, but I'm really just frantic - i'm pretty lazy and I think my eyes are nearly always bigger than my crafting stomach most of the time!  I have time after work, but I find myself playing Words With Friends and watching yesterday's episodes of Project Runway (did you know the new season started?) instead of doing something in one of my many queues!  i'm my own worst enemy.  The only thing that has made me feel better is rolling back through my blog to find posts for old quilts and whatnot and realizing that I've made a damn lot of stuff!  I need to take a deep breath and remember that this is all supposed to be fun!  


Eileen said...

The interwebs sure does make it a lot easier to add things to the queue! Then when you see it start piling up it really can feel like you're behind. I know I get craft induced panic when it feels like I'm not getting enough done. My husband has to remind me it's a hobby and it's supposed to be fun. I tried doing a "see one project through to the end" policy but surprisingly, it didn't quite work out ;)

Erin said...

I love making lists and crossing items off but sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed like you do. That's usually when I decide I need to go through all the lists and remove things and see where my current do-able priorities lay. I go through my Ravelry queue, see what mending I have to finish, etc. Things that won't take a lot of time to complete usually get moved to the top of my lists (hello! sewing on buttons!) so that I can feel a sense of accomplishment quick-like.