Saturday, July 28, 2012

quilt fit for a baby!

All of my quilts are really only fit for babies - they haven't quite developed any critical skills yet and can't tisk-tisk at my uneven stitches!  Even so - i'm kind of pleased with this one.  I started it before I knew whether my next niece was going to be a niece or nephew and I thought the colors would work for either.  (and you may recall, it was something I felt bad I hadn't finished yet!)  This block is called a bento box.  Um, now that I looked at other bento box quilts to make sure I was remembering the right name, I might have kinda done it wrong.  I mean it's not wrong - it just may not quite be a bento box!  oh well!  oh, you can't really gauge how big this thing is from the picture - it's only about 36x36, I think.  

I used a tiny red gingham for the binding!  

I did a pretty piss poor job of the actual quilting.  Some of the stitches are too long because I just couldn't seem to keep an even speed on my free motion action - I've got to get better at this!  It's kind of terrifying - so much to maneuver and so little to grip onto!

I made this back snazzy too - it was partially out of necessity because I didn't have enough of the green kona!  

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Catherine said...

Love it!