Friday, January 30, 2009

absurdly obsessed with...

these eggs: 
 I always try to buy farm eggs - or you know, free range deals instead of the chicken factory kind, but I haven't been to the market much this winter, and the guy at work who used to bring them in to sell transferred.  Maybe it's the fact that I haven't had a carton of these in a while that's making me crazy obsessed with them!  One of my coworkers got two dozen eggs from a guy he traded some venison to and he gave me a carton because he didn't think he'd use two - so nice of him!  it feels kind of pioneer-ish, except that I didn't do anything to earn them!  Because the BF and I love eggs nearly as much as Edie, we had breakfast-for-dinner two nights in a row, then finished them off in a fritata this morning!  It's not just the deliciousness that has me obsessed, it's the COLOR!  I mean geez - just look at that!  The shades of brown/pink/tan against the blue of the carton - it's making me crazy!  I took a picture because as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to knit something with those colors!  So this morning I divided a skein of natural Cascade 220 into 4 balls and put them in to dye.  I'm not sure how it'll work, but I used coffee for one, a bag of tea w/ a drop of red food coloring for another, 2 bags of tea for the third, and some loose black tea for the last - I'm hoping that the contact with the actual tea bits on the last one might give some speckles. 

 It might all not work at all, but I can always overdye.  It'll be interesting at least!  Oh, I added a little shot of vinegar to each, even though I think both coffee and tea might be acidic enough to not need it.  Results forthcoming!  


Ginny said...

Those eggs are beautiful! My aunt and uncle used to give us farm fresh eggs, but they never had that kind of color.

Dharma said...

Those eggs are gorgeous! I can totally see getting obsessed with the colors.