Saturday, January 24, 2009

I love you apron!

I've said it before, but it bears repeating:  put on an apron and anything you have to do will be fun.  Pop an ipod in the pocket and put This American Life in your ears, and it's even better.  I especially love this green and black apron.  

Speaking of other kitchen-ish things I love, I've been wanting nothing but Pyrex since 2 weekends ago when my SIL got me these two divided casserole dishes. 

 I told her that she couldn't ever go wrong with vintage casserole dishes for me, and she found these beauties which then made me realize I totally need to collect Pyrex!  It's still cheap, and relatively easy to find at the thrift shops (although last weekend's trip to 3 different shop yielded nothing!)  Oh yeah, I'm obsessed!


Dharma said...

Oh yeah another thing to collect!

Dimished Coping said...

I was pretty sure that we were soul mates, based on the facet that you queue what I love and we seem to knit the same type of projects,but now I am sure! I collect vintage pyrex and refrigerator dishes. Love aprons and kinda collect them and yes This American Life is the best.