Saturday, January 24, 2009

good morning and I love you Mr. FedEx man!

Ahh, there's nothing like having your morning coffee and seeing the FedEx truck pull up in front of your door!  I run over and open the door as he's bounding up the steps (they're always so fast moving, those FedEx folks!)  Whee!  Yarn!  "what's in the box?" asks the BF.  "Yarn!" I say, then add "but don't worry - it's not all for me!"  Ok, so really like 80% of it's for me, but I keep that to myself.  I had to order it all so we'd get free shipping!  I know, I know, I've said this all before.  I got 10 balls of Ella Rae Classic (and 10 balls is a LOT - nearly 2000 yards here!) in what they called Jewel Green, but it's kind of more blue-ish than I expected. 

 I still like it though.  I also got 10 balls of what they called baby yellow, but it's less yellow than I thought it'd be - like yellow-ish off-white.  

But I still like it too.  These were crazy cheap from Little Knits - like $26 per bag, I think.  Then, because I have no self restraint, I added 10 balls of this Sublime angora merino because it will make the best cardigan in the world, won't it? 

 The part that wasn't for me was 8 balls of Ella Rae Classic for Emily in a really fantastic grey - it's such a great color, I kinda which I'd have gotten some.  what don't I wish I'd have gotten though?  really.  

It seems like I talk way more about new yarn than about what the heck I'm actually knitting!  Well, I'm still working on my Amelia, which I'm loving! 

 I'm adding button holes up the whole front instead of just at the top.  I fear that it's going to be shorter than I expected - when I look at the finished ones on Ravelry, I see that it's coming out shorter than the Knitty pics.  It's probably one of those things that all depends on the ease - the one on Knitty says it was shown with zero ease so there's not going to be any stretching width-wise that would shorten it.  I think mine will be pretty much zero ease, but certainly  no positive ease.  Perhaps if I want my sweater to be longer, I need to stop eating so much fried rice!  This feels like it's going slowly, but maybe it's because it's on size 6's, which is fairly small for a worsted weight wool.  I love love love the way it looks on 6's though!  I so much prefer a tighter knit!  I'm also still plugging along at my Child's First Socks 
I hate that name because I always have to add "but they're not child-sized!" I just love this yarn - it's CTH, which is always  nice, but the colorway is great!  a little variation in tone, but not crazy variegation. It's much more aqua colored in real life - my camera kind of makes it come out on the green side.   I'm on the foot of sock #1.  I guess a did a bit too much talking and laughing and beer drinking at the last knit night, and too little chart reading, because I kind of fouled up the pattern a bit, but eeeh, it's fine.  Yeah, it's on the top of the foot, and yeah, it'll show if I wear them with mary janes or something, but I'm still not ripping back.  I'm just not.  

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Dharma said...

What a fun assortment of yarn and knitting there! Great stuff.