Monday, January 26, 2009

Jackpot! or maybe crackpot...

Yesterday my two most favorite people in all of Columbus came to visit me and we thrifted with vigor!  Isn't it always more fun to thrift in shops outside your own town?  Having them with me even made me like my own familiar shops more - even though I'd just been to both of the places less than a week ago.  Before we shopped though I took them to my new favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican place - Taqueria Mixteca on 3rd street.  It's definitely nothing to look at, but it's great authentic mexican food.  Jen's got the mexican "heritage" (um, if having a mexican stepdad gives you heritage - I image it at least gives you "flava", and apparently it makes you cool enough to order your food with the appropriate mexican pronunciations instead of being all like "so, what's in a taaaco?" Despite being able to roll her r's, I think we probably trashed the image by buying all the little Homies we could until Jen broke the machine.  I'm pretty sure doing that makes you look like a stupid american (not breaking the machine, but giggling and feeding quarters into it.)  but they're way sweet so I don't care!)  I have NO idea how we spent $40 between the three of us, since everything on the menu is like $3, but we did.  I suppose the table was pretty much covered in plates! and we ate till we thought we were going to pop.  and despite probably being way too full, we ordered flan at the end which turned out to be fantastic!  Sufficiently fueled for shopping we went to the Village Thrift, then to the Valley - where I found my new best friend:

  Jen and Linette were not nearly as enthralled with my owl as I was.  Make that "not at all enthralled", but after I carried it around for a while, it just felt right and I knew he was coming home with me.  I also scored two Pyrex casserole dishes to fuel my new obsession, which I think Dharma might have been implying I have too many of already...oh my dear, just think of how bad it'll get when I'm an old lady with nothing else to focus on!  My collection obsession is pretty much only going to spiral out from here, I'm fairly certain!  Anyway, here are the beauties - I wish I could have found some other colors, but these are pretty great.  I also found 3 Fire King mugs, which don't make me quite as happy as Pyrex, but are swell nonetheless. 

 Oh yeah, and those two paint-by-number horse pictures in the background - another find that had to come home with me!  admit it, they're fantastic!  And maybe for those fond of the less kitchy, I scored this handful of silk scarves!  

Seriously - I picked up one and it was like finding penny after penny on the ground - there was another color and another color and another color!  There are about 5 that are all the same - 100% silk, hand rolled edges, made in Japan, in various colors - hot pink, purples, and one acid green.  Then there are a few others that just seemed to go with the set that were prints with the same tones in them.  Sometimes I think of making a framed wall hanging of lots of scarves all sewn together like a silky patchwork.  I do a lot of thinking though - not so much "doing".  So those are the highlights I guess - there's more - a giant bag more!  some clothes that need to be altered, a yellow striped scarf from the Gap, an old 70's book about houseplants - you know, the stuff that makes life fun!  And speaking of fun, thanks for coming down, Jen and Linette, and for making my weekend!  I love ya!


LisaDuvall said...

Chris - Did I ever tell you about the homies?

Every year my dad puts up this big old Christmas Village. So every year I try to find something to put in the christmas village with my niece and nephew just to bug my dad. The last few years I've used homies. They hang out on the streets of the village, intimidating the people, causing mayhem. It's awesome. My dad finds them and puts them in the village jail (which he bought just for the homies). He returns them to me every year while lecturing me about how I need to stop teaching all the kids bad habits. Deep down I think he loves it. :)

Dharma said...

Sounds like you had way too much fun! Love the scarves and the Fire King mugs.

Anonymous said...

it was the best snow day in the history of days it snowed! please know that i'm wearing a lovely polo with an eagle on it - i've been told it's trendy (who knew!) that i found on sunday.

linnette and i are seriously itching to do it again. i'm convinced that dayton has the best thrift shops imaginable. please put us down for an all day marathon thrift during the month of march.

xoxo ~ jen