Friday, November 22, 2013

New old bathroom!

Yes!  finally a room that feels really personalized!  We got lots of art made, framed, and hung!  It's hard to see the dimensions, but it's a pretty long bathroom, so one wall is kind of like a gallery - we really wanted to fill it up!

Obviously the theme is fish!  the mister did all of the mid century inspired art, except for that one on the right in the green frame - i did that!  whee!

those yellow frames were some that we already had - just needed some spray paint!

The silver floating frames we got a Michael's on sale - get 3 for the price of 1!  sweet!

And then this little school of fish all alone.

He's working on another long narrow canvas!  super!  the fish will never end!  There's a small window in the bathroom too - i'd like to remove the old metal blinds and do something in fabric, but I'm still mulling it around. 

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Catherine said...

The fish are all so great! and congrats on your contribution to the fish wall :-)