Sunday, November 10, 2013

The girls are back in town!

11 months after moving into our new house, I finally got the girls out of their traveling box!  'bout time!

I can make the excuse that I've been busy with outside stuff, and I have, but I've hung other things.  The poor ladies, just got pushed to the end of the line, i guess.  Now they're free!

This weekend we got all kinds of stuff done!  One of which, is getting the bathroom painted.  When we moved in, the bathroom had this terrible old lady wallpaper:

The fella removed all that months ago, and it sat white for a while while we debated different colors (remember the potential reds?)  

Well, the tiles are a bit more peach than pink (i wish it was more pink!) and we decided to go with a green/blue.  What we ended up getting is probably a bit more blue/green.  it's strange how different color looks in different places - the drips on the can look much more mint green, but on the walls, it certainly looks more blue.  Either way - it's cool and very period for our 1961 ranch! 

The nice thing about having an artist for a fella, is that he can make some cool mid century-esque art for the walls.   He's got some cool ideas because I told him that I love those old chalkware bathroom wall hangings - especially the fish!  i don't know why, but fish just seem appropriate for the bathroom.  Or mermaids. The bad thing is that artist-type kind of work on their own schedule, so who knows when that'll materialize!  when it does, I'll take pictures!  

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Catherine said...

Glad the girls are out of storage, poor things; lookin' good!

And really love the green paint in the bathroom (you know I love green)