Sunday, November 24, 2013

the dining room gets its turn!

This weekend we gave the dining room a little bit more of a makeover!  We went back to Atomic Fox in Yellow Springs and reunited the hutch with our new dining room table!  the hutch that matched our table was there back when we bought the table, but we weren't really in the market then.  We'd been using a hutch that my dad made way back when he and my mom got married - he made it right in the apartment!  it served its purpose, but we kept thinking about that hutch.  I liked the fact that it had glass fronts so the cats wouldn't knock off our "fine breakables".  And it was just much more mid century.  He gave us a good deal and we took it home!  We put it in the garage because we wanted to paint the dining room and it seemed silly to put it in, then have to take it out again.  This morning the fella decided we should paint TODAY!  he started taping the edges and unloading the room (as they say on the TV shows) and I went to buy paint.  We decided on orange because it's small and brightly light room that can handle the pop of color!  Here it is without a flash (it's so hard to take good pictures to actually show color!)  The new hutch is there in the corner with the owl on top - pretty sweet, eh?

And here it is with a flash.  It's called Knockout Orange from sherwin williams.

I'm going to make new curtains for the sliding glass door - i just ordered the fabric and lining.  It's this:

gosh, that color looks off on my computer too!  the color is called aquarius, and it's a dark teal blue/peacock.  It will look great with the orange.  In the living room we're going to do a light blue wall color and a similar print (from the same fabric line) but in a citrus/yellow-green.  Actually, the fabric I covered the chairs in below is the color that the living room curtains will be, but the print of the dining room curtains - see how it'll all flow together?!  the print on the chairs is half the size of the curtain print though - so it's a different scale.  I found that vintage table cloth ages ago and it just happens to fit the table!  thank god i didn't cut it up, which was my plan!  

And on Friday evening I finished the stockings for us!  yay!!


Eileen said...

Love it!!

Catherine said...

Love! and can I just say your stockings are awesome?